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Cr8ivewrite.com is home of the See-the-Other-Side philosophy and products. See-the-Other-Side is the brainchild of Ron Price, the founder of R & J Enterprises.

Just as the See-the-Other-Side logo urges you to look at the back of the T-shirt, the message that is there on the back urges you to see the other side of life. A side beyond the limits of pride and prejudice, decidedly uptown from small thinking, to a neighborhood built of truth and clear vision.

Can you See the Other Side?

Mission Statement

R & J Enterprises endeavors to be a source of positivity, tolerance and altruism in a world that sometimes needs it so much, and to provide goodwill from a portion of the proceeds of our affordable, quality products which express and affirm the above values.


Are You on Track?
R U Blind?
Can You Play?
FireFighting Poster

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